game face

{After a run this week}

I'm off to Disneyworld to run in the Wine and Dine Half Marathon with my sisters and Dad.
I couldn't be more excited to spend time with my immediate family, my original family.
Just my 3 older sisters, my mom and dad.
No kids, except for Keely's token nurser.
The plans are plenty of laughter, plenty of food, a nap here and there, reading, hanging out and let's not forget the 13.1 mile run.
I've been training for months now, and I feel ready.
The only part that throws me off is I'm a morning runner.
I prefer to get up with the sun and hit the road, back home just before the sun peeks over the mountains.
My few evening runs leave me sweaty (see above), feeling heavy and having a hard time breathing through the fatigue of the day.
This race begins at 10pm, in the dark, in the humidity, in Florida.
I keep telling myself that the excitement of being with family at a Disney celebration with lights, crowds and characters will pull me through the 2 and a half hours of running.
Let's hope I'm right.

I feel strong.
I've been doing Crossfit now for 3 months now, and it kicks my butt.
I'm amazed everyday that my body cooperates, thrives and keeps going.
Let's be honest, I'm not happy with how my body looks,
but it feels good and it works for me.
That's all I ask.

I must admit this is hilarious and I'm pretty sure it's accurate in my case...
Honestly, I don't care what I look like as long as I finish.
Let's get ready to rumble...


pamela said...

good luck jess! i'm so proud of you for training. you will have a blast. and yes, the fun of it all will make you forget that you are running at night.

About Us. said...

You'll be just fine. Remember you are going down in elevation to near sea level. I predict you will more than beat your goal time running.Good Luck!

Jody said...

Funny! I love the picture at the bottom!!! You're gonna do great! Have fun!!!