Birthday Play

We had Henry's birthday at the local park last night.
He was so excited to have his friends to bounce with him.

The night began with pizza and root beer,
followed by bouncing and the kids playing at the park.
Then Henry opened his presents
and we sang to him over a gigantic hamburger cupcake.
The big finale of the night was the Kona Ice Truck.
They pulled up playing music and the kids all ran for snowcones.
I don't blame them, it was 100 degrees!
They got to add their own flavors and have as much sugary liquid as they wanted....
what's a birthday party without an overload of sugar?
Let's just say we did have one who ate too much sugar and bounced too much,
and too bad that "one" was one of my children & I ended up being sprayed with barf.


Some of my favorite parts of the night were...
- i had the pizza delivered, bounce house professionally set up and won the Kona Ice party for super cheap. it was easy peasy and ended up being perfect for this age group!
- the kids were so entertained that the adults got to chat in the shade.
- a few people told Henry they loved his #6 shirt and he proudly responded, "My mom didn't make it!" (Thank you, Kinsey! He knows I need you in that department! See her cute stuff here.)
-henry is new to the "club penguin" craze (thank you, Xander!), and the look he got on his face when he opened his gift from Thomas and Kailie that contained 2 Club Penguin stuffed animals was so cute. Check it out in the photo above...I couldn't even get him to look at the camera! He was mesmerized and in awe!
- the party was over at 8, but it had cooled down so much by that point that my boys
and a few friends that came late just kept bouncing and playing soccer on past 9pm. i love breezy summer nights!
- henry was happy and that's all that mattered.
- stella laughing her head off while bouncing with mom was pretty priceless too...

When we got home we had to do our new tradition, even though it was way past bed time.
I had hung 6 balloons, one for each year, on a string from the ceiling. Henry popped each one with a tack and out came...

I think we all went to bed with a sugar-high and a brain that was still bouncing,
but it only happens once a year, right? Or I guess in my case...3!


pamela said...

looks so fun! i bet henry will always remember this party, for sure.

Niederfam said...

ummmm BEST party ever. My kids would LOVE that. a snow cone truck, how FUN is that? ;) Love it.