Glow Girls

Allie and I ran a 10k over the weekend, and it wasn't your typical 10k.

We geared up at 9pm making our shirts shine with glow tape...
And showed up at the race at 10pm, ready to run...
The race started at 11pm and ran along the legacy trail.

It was pitch black except for the moonlight and runners wearing glowsticks.
I dread running and running at night is even more miserable.
But I must admit it was kind of fun to be a part of something so unique.
Despite the dark, the heat and carrying around the day's exhaustion,
we finished in one hour and eight minutes....but I like to call it one hour and five minutes
because the first few minutes were pure gridlock and we couldn't move at a snail's pace.
I did the race in preparation for the half marathon at Disney World in October which is at night, as well. It's going to take something seriously magical to get me to finish 13.1 miles in the heat and the humidity, but I have a feeling that Disney will go big and I will be entertained the whole way (that's what I'm telling myself anyway).

After a shower I climbed into bed at 1am, relieved that my long run was done for the weekend.
I woke up at 9am and headed out for a massage instead.
I could do that every weekend.

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allie said...

It was lots of fun!!!