big girl

Ever since my baby isn't a baby anymore I don't do her monthly updates.
She's growing up right before my eyes, and I feel like I can't even keep up with her new skills.
I thought I better document what she does at 15 months before I forget.

*Walks everywhere, and is getting more steady by the day. She prefers to walk with something in her hands.
*Says hi, bye-bye, momma, dada, Dames (James), Henry (can't even describe), yes, uh-oh, shh, shoes, birdies, Jesus, and babbles full conversations.
*She nods her head with great exaggeration. I'll ask her, "Do you want to eat", and the head takes off in an up and down motion.
*Her trike is her favorite toy. She thoroughly enjoys walks around the block on it.
*No bed time is complete without touching every bird in her room (even the high ones) and saying "birdies" and pointing to the picture of Jesus with the children and saying, "Jesus".
*Pointing at everything and babbling...it's so cute!
*Wants to be outside every waking minute.
*Is messy, messy, messy. Messy with food. Plays with dirt and rocks.
*Cries when left with any other adult but mom.
*Clings onto James while at the gym nursery...wants him to hug her the entire time.
*Her hair fits into a ponytail.
*She is on a food strike. Only wants crackers, drinks, corn, beans or raisins (or ice cream).
*Throws her plate when finished. Messy, again.
*Officially weaned. Drinks whole milk or water.
*Likes to hold onto mommy's leg or be held most of the day.
*Screams like a girl. Really.
*Sleeps great at night. 12 hours. Takes one 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon.
*Addicted to "Winks", her stuffed elephant. Sucks on his tail while sleeping.
*Is shy. Plays with her hair and puckers her lips when someone talks to her.
*Deathly afraid of most animals. Shudders and bawls at the site of them.
*Feet are too fat for most shoes. Her baby chubs are thinning out.
*Pulls bows out of her hair. We have to stick with rubberbands now.
*Has best friends that she always smiles for...Afton, Esther and Harper.
*Throws tantrums when denied Coke, a chokable toy or Mom.
*Laughs hysterically when tickled on the thighs.
*Loves balls, swimming, climbing & reading books.
*Hears music playing, any type, and immediately begins to move her head to the beat.

Okay, I can stop now.
I just never want to forget this stage. Still a bit of a baby and yet becoming a little girl.
Am I really going to have to start time-out and disciplining her soon?
I'm not ready for that.


Angie said...

Can't wait to see her in 3 days!!!!!!!!! I hope she warms up to me quickly! She looks just like you!

mama said...

And looks so much like you, Jessie.