Celebrating the Daddy of the house!

Our Father's Day weekend started off with a hot dog roast at Mueller Park.
It was nice to get up in the mountains and enjoy the fresh, warm air.
The weather was perfect and Preston was just where he prefers to be...
in the mountains with his family.

He might not look happy, but he was in his element...

The kids loved their new camp chairs...

Stella couldn't roast marshmallows or eat them,
so I brought her her own bag of minis...

On Father's Day our daddy got just what he needed...
Some new extra-tall work shirts (and lots of candy).
We went practical because he's that kind of Dad.

He tried to take a nap, but he got a lapful of kids instead...
He preferred it that way because he's that kind of Dad.

He got lots of poopie diapers and even got to clean up barf,
but he didn't mind, he's that kind of Dad.

He sacrificed his spot at the adult table and ate outside with the kids...
He picked that seat because he's that kind of Dad.

We love our Daddy and wouldn't trade him for the World
because he's that kind of Dad!

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