Off to meet Mickey!

We're leaving at 4am on our annual Lund family Disneyworld trip for 10 days!!! Henry hasn't been there since he was 6 months old, so we're excited that he can actually enjoy it this time around. We've been preparing him with Disney movies. He loves Nemo and Cars, as you all know, and we're hoping he's ready to meet The Mouse. The last time around he was terribly afraid of all characters and cried his eyes out. I really think and hope it will be different this time. We're planning on having a magical time!

No internet, no blogging, no cooking, no cleaning, no work for Preston....we're on vacation, baby! I'm so excited to spend time with the family. I'm sure my preggo body will get a major workout in the 90 degree weather and hopping all 5 parks, and Henry will probably go napless some days, but it will all be worth it. We're still trying to convince Preston of that. He's a little anti-Disney, but I think seeing Henry's eyes light up this time around will convert him to the Lund ways!

Bye bye! I'll be back with pictures and stories on the 29th!


pamo said...

can you feel my jealousy all the way in florida?

The Lamb Family said...

I hope you have fun! Preston sounds just like Brad. He is not really a fan of Disney either. Maybe when I have kids, he will have a change of heart for mickey...=)

roadrunner said...

Hope you guys have a great time!