He's turned on me!

As my sister commented on my last post, Henry has a couple of new bad habits. They both came about on vacation. First, he climbed out of his crib the second night at Disneyworld. Not just once, but multiple times. In his defense his cousins had just arrived, and he wanted to play with them. It was his bed time, but he was not having it. All of the commotion was calling his name. When Preston asked him why he was climbing out of bed, he replied, "Roe Roe" (his cousin). After multiple attempts of putting him back down he finally fell asleep. The next day we called the front desk and asked for a larger crib, not really expecting them to have one, but they did (it helped being at the kid friendliest place on earth!). They brought us the large, old-fashioned, metal kind, and I thought we were Henry-proof with this one. Well, we were wrong. He really didn't climb out too much...he was much too tired for that, but a few nights we did see him sneaking down the stairs to see why we were still up and he was in bed. Luckily, we haven't had the problem since we've been home. I'm keeping my fingers crossed to contain him to the crib for a few more months before the big switch (cross yours with me, please!)

So the climbing out of bed was expected. Every toddler does it, right? It's pretty much a milestone.... but his other new habit is fairly strange. Henry has resorted to stripping. One night we thought he was peacefully asleep, being obedient, when really he was busy undressing himself, diaper and all. As we climbed into bed I peeked into the crib to this sight....Needless to say, I had to pull him out of his crib and rediaper and dress him. I'm so glad I peeked or else we could have had a real mess in the morning!

Since being home I find him trying to undress himself regularly. Yesterday, while watching Toy Story (known as "Buzz and Woody" to him), he had pulled his shirt half way off and undone one side of his diaper. Then he proceeded to dance around on the couch. What am I gonna do with this kid? He used to scream when I would try to take his shirt off and now he prefers frolicking about naked. No, we don't allow it, but when will he get over this obsession? I really don't want a future Chippendale dancer on my hands.

I used to brag about my modest boy and perfect sleeper and now I'm biting my tongue.


roadrunner said...

All I can say is good luck!! Lily has been doing the stripping thing for months now. It is so much fun to come in after a nap to find a bed full of poop and a naked toddler!!

The Lamb Family said...

That is so hilarious!!! Is that what I have in store for me when I have mine?!?! Well, wish you luck!!! I remember Brad's cousin's kids taking their clothes off and running across the house. It's cute and entertaining to watch.

pamo said...

i'm really sorry. you're life has the potential to turn really hellish. i'll be here for support.

arianne said...

I think it is a normal phase for a child to run around in the nude. Anika LOVES to be naked, or to run around just in her panties. It might even be a good way for him to become potty trained! just let him do it! :)

annek said...

Whoa! I hope B never picks up on the undressing habit. We're trying to deal with the jumping out of bed too, but it's been much beter since we are in our house now...good luck!