First Day of "Preschool"

A few ladies in my neighborhood and I decided to do a toddler swap and make it like a mini preschool. Today was the first day of it, and it was at my house. The boys are cute, funny and a little bit rambunctious (can you tell?). It consists of an over 3 year old, an over 2.5 year old, and Henry, who is officially 25 months. So it's a little bit crazy actually teaching anything with their varying levels and personalities (memories of my old teaching days are flooding back), but they enjoy it. Today we talked about the letter A...what it looks like, what sound it makes, and what starts with the letter A. We did some apple art with paints, read a book about apples, and even ate apples with caramel dip. Well, Henry just ate caramel dip, but the other boys actually ate some apple. Then they had lots of time to just play together.

One of the other talented moms made the boys these little boxes of school supplies with their names on them... Some apple art in action...So for the next 2 days I send Henry off to "preschool" at another mom's house and have FREE time! What will I do with this unknown entity? I'm likin' this preschool idea already.


arianne said...

that is just what a few moms in my neighborhood are doing too. I think it is so good for the kids and of course the weeks we don't teach it is good for us moms to get a little break!! :) Good luck with preschool. How fun for Henry!

Anonymous said...

looks like the first day went well, that is one handsome group.

pamo said...

this looks really cool. i love it.

Elle said...

This is a great idea, I want to to do this with my kids (when they get older of course)!