egg in the basket

Does anyone remember these? My sisters and I used to make them as kids, and I love them still....they fall right into my obsession with kiddie foods. Henry will pile drive eggs into his mouth he enjoys them so much, so I decided to make this "egg in a bread basket", "toad in a hole" or "Moons over Miami" (whatever you care to call it) for breakfast. We never really called it anything, but when I went to search for it on the internet I found this history.

Well, it turns out he's just like me and prefers the yummy, buttery toasted circle of bread over the actual egg in the hole part. After serving him 3 circle toasts (yes, I was a nice mom and gave mine up) and told him I would make no more he settled into eating the egg part too. We just may have to make these a regular breakfast item....beats cereal anyday!

Here's the recipe if you are interested in some kiddish delight.


Keely said...

This so reminds me of dad

arianne said...

ok when I first just saw the picture I thought you were announcing you were having TWINS! :) ha ha.

That looks really good I might have to try that some time! YUMMY! We lvoe new things for breakfast!!