It has become a nightime ritual here for Henry to get in bed with Grandma & Grandpa and act like he's really going to sleep there. He takes his bath, gets in his PJ's, gets his "pap" (pacifier) and heads for their bed. Grandma will say "lay down" and he will get under the covers and pull them up to his chin. It's so cute, but it doesn't last long. He wiggles out, yells for the dogs ("gods" he calls them), and escapes the room. After his rounds of telling everyone "nighghghgh-nighghght" (it's always very drawn out) and "seep" (which means sleep) I lay him down in his pack-n-play for a peaceful night's rest.

My kid is such a crib baby, and I love it that way. Although his grandparents wish they could enjoy a night of him snuggling with them from time to time!


katieandkelly said...

I love that picture.....your boy has such a personality!

arianne said...

that is so cute. When do come back home? It sounds like you are having such a fun trip!! :)

pamo said...

what a cute kid! i love that. how come he never wants to snuggle with me? i know, i know, we've not bonded well yet.

Anonymous said...

are you bragging, because i think you might be a little bit