all tucked in with a dirty sock

It's funny what kids pick up on in their day to day lives without even teaching them. We got Henry these cute Disney figurines to prepare him for our trip to Disneyworld in October...we really want him to love the characters this time and not scream at first sight of them! One day in Branson I heard him playing in the kitchen area and saying "night-night".

I went over to the bar stool to find this...

He had tucked in Goofy, Donald and Minnie with his cousin's wet, dirty sock. I was thrilled that he was playing pretend, but less than thrilled about the disgusting sock he chose as their blanket...at least it was size-appropriate, right?

I replaced the wet, filthy sock (Mason had been fishing that morning...yuck!) with a perfectly fresh and sanitary Kleenex, and Henry continued giving his little characters kisses and telling them goodnight.

I'm glad they were able to sleep in better conditions.


roadrunner said...

That is so cute!!!

pamo said...

i am also glad they were able to find a better blanket. i love when kids role play like this.