We can sit!

We drove up to Logan on Friday to get our new couches! Preston was nervous since we haven't seen them in person for over a year (we first spotted them when we lived in California). But, we LOVE them! They fit in our living area perfectly! I was getting so used to not having anywhere to sit and relax, now I feel like we just need to rent movies or sit on them and chat. I'm feeling like our house is finally coming together!

Henry feels like he has a new toy now. He climbs up on them...jumps up and down, runs from one side to the other, plays peekaboo over the top, and dances to the tv. I'm hoping we can avoid any major injuries anytime soon.

Him and his daddy each have their own couch to watch Backyardigans on now (as pictured)! Preston is in heaven because the couch is super-long and therefore fits his tall stature!
We still have some work to do, but our house is becoming a home more and more everyday!


Anonymous said...

Love it,

Janelle said...

I love your blog! Your family is so cute! I love the Easter Bunny Picture! You couches are awesome! They look so comfortable! See Ya later!!!