Planes, Trains, and Garbage Trucks!

When Henry heard one of the fighter jets flying over our house this morning during breakfast (we live near an air force base), he got really excited. I asked him, "Where's the airplane?". This was his response....

He's getting really good at the "I don't know" shrug. It's cute!

After the morning rain passed we decided to go out and enjoy the beautiful Spring weather. All of the sudden we heard a train whistle, and Henry yelled out "train" (and he does say it pretty darn accurate!).

He was mesmerized by it...

Then Henry spotted the garbage truck ("guck" is what he calls it). We picked up his little friend Liam to ride along with us to see the garbage truck in action.

Henry has had the perfect day so far....planes, trains, a friend, and a garbage truck! Now they're topping if off with some Goldfish!

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Anonymous said...

how cute! henry does love things with motors! you could probably follow the garbage truck around all day and he'd be happy. -pam