I'm a traitor!

I have been a loyal fan of one hair stylist for 8 years now!!! Well, ever since we moved way north and she lives way south, I decided I better try someone else. I was SO scared, but I love the results. It was half the price of my usual cut and color, and I only drove 5 minutes! I think I'm officially converted. I felt bad for a little while, but you gotta do what you gotta do for the sake of time and money.
Oh, and I swore I was going with my natural color for the rest of my life about a year ago, but then a few gray hairs crept into the picture. Preston claims I'm "covering up my wisdom". I felt more like I was covering up my fear of getting old.
After not getting a haircut for over 6 months, this is feeling pretty good! Henry didn't notice my "new 'do"....he was just happy I was home!


annek said...

You look great! Unfortunately I haven't found anyone here in Rawlins to cut my hair. I'm a little scared to go anywhere with a name like "Klassic Kuts & Kurls"!! Maybe I'll have to try your new find!!

kristy said...

I LOVE your hair.. the color is amazing. I was thinking of have your picture printed and taking it with me to the salon next time. lol I really love it. It looks great on you! :)

And, that is such a sweet picture of you and the little man.

katieandkelly said...

Very cute! You always have cute haircuts!

I have seriously been to about 20 different people in KC and have not found one that I love. I'm always scared to try someone new because I have had some bad cuts along the way!

Anonymous said...

Very sassy, I can't see the bangs?