Beach Buddies

We LOVE having our good friends the Beaches just a few doors down! The Beach parentals went to the temple tonight, so we got to have their cute little ones over for the evening! There's nothing like a Ramen noodle fest (I secretly love them just as much as the kids do!).

Henry thoroughly enjoyed having little friends over tonight. He cried when they left!

Speaking of crying, I'm hoping that I can manage to hold back the tears this weekend. I am going away for a few nights to have a scrapbooking weekend with the Pond ladies! I am so excited...I can't wait to get some serious scrappin' done and have some good eats with some great company! BUT, it's the FIRST time I have ever left Henry overnight. He'll be with his daddy though....so hopefully we'll all survive. There should be many scrapbook page posts to come!


pamo said...

i'm guessing you'll miss henry the first night, and the second night you'll just enjoy the sleep....

Jennifer said...

Yum...ramen noodles. I haven't had those in so long!

Have a wonderful scrap-filled weekend! I can't wait to see your pages! It will be hard to leave Henry, but just enjoy your time alone!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, he looks like his daddy-o. Love those blue eyes.