a date with dad...

Preston had a crazy week at work! He left on Wednesday morning at 6:30am and didn't return home until Thursday night at 7pm. Yep, that's right....he worked 36.5 hours straight....no sleep or a home-cooked meal! It's crunch time at Frito Lay....this project is about over (thank goodness), and Preston is responsible for making sure those chips can be made correctly!

Needless to say, we missed him around here, and his body is still trying to catch up on rest. We were spoiled though and actually are getting him all weekend long. He even played and hung out at home with Henry this afternoon while I got to go to the mall all by myself!!!....now that was a treat! You know how easy it was to get out of the car and walk straight into the mall?...no stroller! no stopping every 2 minutes to pick something up off the ground that he threw out of the stroller! no bribery with raisins! no taking a pitstop at the mall playground to let him get some energy out! let me tell you, it was one effective trip to the mall! I even got myself a new outfit! I was very grateful for Henry's date with dad!

Of course, knowing Preston, they spent most of the time outside, enjoying the 30 degree, yet sunny, weather.

Playing ball....

I'm sure dad encouraged this one!

Henry has now mastered the squat to standing...he used to have to find something to pull back up on once he fell down.

I returned home to a napping baby and napping daddy. Tired from playing, I guess. I was very impressed to find the camera had 100 new pictures on it...Glad to see they had such a great time (and so did I)!

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