We sealed the deal!

We just got back from Utah last night....it's a done deal...we are officially homeowners! We won't actually be living there for another month and a half, but we do have a place to call home! We flew into SLC on Friday, closed Friday afternoon and went to see our house AFTER we closed. Good thing Pam was right...it's a beautiful place and we loved it! We really think we're going to like living there and especially being back in Utah!

On Saturday we had Preston's work party up at Snowbird. We took the tram up to this AMAZING view! The weather was beautiful and we really enjoyed being in the mountains again!


Jennifer said...

Congrats on being homeowners! I'm sure you will love being back in Utah. What an amazing photo...that view is awesome!

roadrunner said...

Welcome back and congratulations on the house! I'm glad you finally got to see it and that you really like it. Lily is looking forward to hanging out with Henry soon!