henry's "crutch"

Last night Henry started taking off with this new walker I bought him from the second hand store. Preston nearly rolled his eyes when he first caught sight of the walker sitting in the living room...he was thinking it was just another toy that would go to waste. But, NO.....Henry will grab ahold of that thing and GO! He was cruising all over the apartment last night....Preston was so proud. At first he would just go until he ran into something....then he learned how to pick the walker up and redirect it when he was running into doors and tables. It was the cutest thing! This kid has gotta be walking soon! He's sure got the skills....even if it is with a "crutch" for now.


Jennifer said...

Oooh, that is the EXACT same toy that Ella had and it toally helped her learn to walk!! Go Henry!!

pamo said...

i love it! how cute. he'll probably be walking sooner than we all thought!