Henry got new wheels!

After many flights and travels, the old stroller is dead! Well, not completely destroyed, but it will hardly go in a straight line anymore. We have been hunting for a lightweight, compact stroller at a decent price for quite some time now. I spotted a lady using this one at the bookstore a few days ago...I strolled close to her to get a visual on the brandname and model. When I looked on the internet the only place that sells it is Sears (hopefully my dad isn't reading this). I never thought to look at Sears for a stroller! So we went to check it out. FINALLY, we found one that we liked! I insisted on a cupholder....I go nowhere without a beverage, and Preston insisted on lightweight...so we met our criteria and made the purchase a few nights ago! It has since been on a few walks and Henry seems to enjoy it...so, it's a keeper!

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pamo said...

you are the only person i know who could wear out a stroller in the first year.